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Beautiful transparent and translucent honeycomb panels

Corevista panels lend themselves to many uses. For interior use we are able to carry a design style through a range of Corevista products - thus providing a unique seamless flow of the design theme required.To guide you here are some typical Corevista applications.

Translucent Wall Panels

Corevista panels are idealy suited to lighwieght walls and partitions. Typical applications are
  • Natural Daylighting Walls
  • LED Back Lit Walls
  • Room Dividers
  • Sliding Doors
  • Mobile Partitions
  • Obscure / Discrete Windows.

Translucent Ceiling Tiles

Corevista panels make an attractive alternative to typical ceiling tiles where natural daylighting may be required from a daylight lit void above the ceiling grid. They also look excellent with backlit LED installations.

Translucent Furniture Panels, Tables, Desks

Our standard Corelight and Viewpan panels are available in 18mm/26mm/38mm/40mm thick which makes them ideally suited for many applications furniture applications

Translucent Floor Tiles

A new range of lightweght load bearing Floor Tiles are under development - when compared to glass floors they are upto 75% lighter for similar panel thicknesses. Contact us at

All of the Corevista range can be back lit with LED's for a strking visual effect.
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Corevista Viewpan is range of translucent and transparent composite sandwich panels with tough thermoplastic skins of PMMA Acrylic and PET. These are bonded with a UV stable clear adhesive to a PET and PC honeycomb core. Different cell geometries are available, square, tube and bubble. Avialable in various colours at 3000mm x 1000mm and 2440mm x 1220mm sheet sizes and various thicknesses.
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The Corevista Viewpan panel range make superb lightweight translucent and transparent walls for many office interior and wall partition applications. Typically 3000mm tall and 1000mm wide, the panels are supplied with joining and head-track and floor-track fittings and extrusions, hinged doors and sliding doors
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Our wide range of translucent / transparent walls can be adapted with specialist top mounted sliding gear to create open areas in walls where needed. Available in the wide range of Corevista panel designs with the innovative Square, Tube or Bubble core types
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The Kandela range of mobile and portable screens offer a unique and discrete method of partitioning office and work areas to provide discretion and privacy whilst maintaining ambient lighting. Classic transparent, frosted or stunning colours are available.
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