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Corevista panels lend themselves to many uses. For interior use we are able to carry a design style through a range of Corevista products - thus providing a unique seamless flow of the design theme required.To guide you here are some typical Corevista applications.

Translucent Wall Panels

Corevista panels are idealy suited to lighwieght walls and partitions. Typical applications are
  • Natural Daylighting Walls
  • LED Back Lit Walls
  • Room Dividers
  • Sliding Doors
  • Mobile Partitions
  • Obscure / Discrete Windows.

Translucent Floor Tiles

Corevista panels are lightweght when compared to glass floors - upto 75% lighter for similar panel thicknesses.

Translucent Ceiling Tiles

Corevista panels make an attractive alternative to typical ceiling tiles where natural daylighting may be required from a daylight lit void above the ceiling grid. They also look excellent with backlit LED installations.

Translucent Furniture Panels, Tables, Desks

Our standard corelight panels are available in 18mm thick which makes them ideally suited to furniture applications