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Exciting news! Corevista is currently developing a new discrete technique to drive sound through our panels. So, not only will Corevista translucent panels look amazing - they will sound amazing too! 
Imagine the possibilities in bars, night clubs, reception areas, point of sale, etc. We expect to have working prototypes by the end of May 2014. Please contact us for further details and a demonstration
Corevista Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of our latest innovative range of translucent panels - Corevista CoreLite.

The new panel is based on a standard 18mm thickness, typically 3m x 1m panel size and made with 3mm Acrylic skins. Inside is an innovative 12mm thick plastic honeycomb core of Regular Corevista T7 Tubes or Random Corevista B47 Tubes - giving a wonderful bubblelike effect. For further information, visit our datasheet pages.
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